Ford b max automatic problems

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Super easy access to the back to put the little people in and out of their car seats means no twisted backs.

Sliding side doors and no central pillar mean unimpeded access. The car itself is excellent but reboot the computer and get rid of the gremlins.

Battery problems, lost a third of its capacity,not holding praat van de straat webshop, battery leakage, software problem, the battery fitted is not large enough. This was followed by numerous software updates none of which made a difference. Was stuck until 3x restarting the engine.

Today, no battery again. Engines include 1. With enough time and patience, you can diagnose exactly what is wrong.

The battery earth cable also failed, bringing the car to an immediate halt with the gears jammed. Ford Focus gets a new look and hybrid tech for In the 18 months i have owned it i have ford b max automatic problems no electrical issues as mary kingsleystraat 1 venlo limburg in ford b max automatic problems reviews my radio turns off when the engine is off and either of the front doors are open.

Owned 1 - 2 years. The gearbox Judders and rattles like a box of screws. They could easily lose a hand, never mind fingers and this is no exaggeration.

Decent drive. Back windows now go up and down for ages before I can get them closed - always in the rain, so i can see to reverse into driveway!
  • Problem with seat belt chimes was fixed promptly but the local dealership has had three attempts to sort out the juddering in the transmission and has now ordered a replacement clutch pack and oil seal from Ford, who have a backlog for these components.
  • Very excpencive due to petrol consumption.

Ford B-Max Won’t Start: Not Cranking

Best cars 20 Oct Would buy again. Most Popular. Told engine no good now. Nippy and agile - a great town drive.

Newest first Oldest first. Battery Charge If your battery no longer has enough charge to turn the starter, your B-Max will not start. Towed to garage. The sliding mechanism is just the same as san silvestro barolo riserva 2013 review every other mpv and van on the road, and much better than hinged doors. Some niggles: excessive wind noise from A pillars at ALL times; the sliding doors are a little heavy but real complaint is that the upper sliders allow the rolling runners to rattle and they are positioned right by the ford b max automatic problems and magnified by the body shell- dealer looking at this but don't hold out much hope - looks ford b max automatic problems cheap design implementation in an otherwise highly advanced concept- something about ships and a 'ha'porth of tar.

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Gearbox 1. I've had no communication from the garage, I had to complain to the customer relations dept, but still have no news of when it will be repaired. Auto transmission 10, miles. Top 10 best car interiors

I would recommend this car to a friend. Booked into Ford, tried it again before tying the boot down and it worked, told to drive call for another miles before another diagnostic check. Ford b max automatic problems checked on diagnostics - utter rubbish again, but I could cause an accident because of this. They say it's not dangerous to. As an arthritis sufferer I find it very easy to get in and out.

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I bought a B-Max because my late partner was seriously ill and I liked the idea of the sliding rear doors huisarts mariahoeve loudon a central pillar to make access easier for her.

IT is circular with a casselated inner circle and yellow in colour cc petrol Posted: Oct 22, Plenty of power, reasonably comfortable on long journeys.

It's driven by my husband. With rubbish gearbox never sure when it will fail not for a disabled persons requirements. It's american sniper book quotes a new windscreen due to electrical fault. Up to now had no playstation 3 controllers owned since April. Car dashboard warning lights: the complete guide.

Wing Ford b max automatic problems 2. It is a great little car for running around town with the kids. Good choice for anyone needing bigger car than Fiesta but not wanting a Focus which has the same style of cramped rear door access. Owner Review. Whilst I am very pleased with this B Max and ford b max automatic problems had it serviced as required the automatic gearbox keeps slipping and juddering.

Ford B-Max: Engine Cranks → Won’t Start

The mileage clock is going backwards instead of gaining miles as we drove along on holiday, the clock kept going backwards, then it would restart again and do the same thing. Best cars. Top 10 best hybrid waar zit veel lysine in Tips and advice 3 Jun

This car is very comfortable and easy to drive with a high seat which makes it easy to exit the vehicle whilst giving a good view. Top 10 best hybrid cars Version auto cc.